Hey, folks. Are you familiar with the feeling of pain in your right or left side, while walking or jogging? Have you ever wondered why this happens? We decided to sort it out and tell you.


The thing is when you’re walking or running fast. Blood movement in our body is increasing rapidly as a result of increased arterial blood flow and increased pressure. She doesn’t have time to distribute evenly. And in the internal organs, there’s excessive accumulation of it. Usually in the liver or spleen. They, in turn, start to stretch, and we get unpleasant and painful feelings, as well as severe discomfort in the side.

If the pain in the right side, it’s the liver. Left, spleen.

But, don’t worry. According to doctors, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a natural physiological process.

Removal of pain.

1. To avoid these situations. Most importantly, it is worth remembering that running or walking fast, you should start smoothly, gradually increasing speed. And better yet, start with a warm-up.
2. The second and very obvious advice is to keep breathing rhythmically. It has to be uniform, while not allowing a high rhythm. Otherwise, you risk getting hyperventilation of your lungs.
3. The third and most effective way to stop colic and pain is to just stop moving. Stops and slightly massages the area of unpleasant sensations.

Also, you shouldn’t eat too much before such loads. It’s better to follow the rule: not eating 1.5-2 hours before sports.

Do not forget that if the pain is regular, even in a calm state. Make sure you see a doctor.