Hey, folks. This article will be useful first of all for those who regularly face the problem of numbness of the fingers and sometimes the whole forearm. We’ve decided to figure out why this happens and what to do with it.

Why is this happening?

In most cases, numbness in the fingers indicates that a person has carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a neurological disease that results from the compression of a nerve between bones.

Most often, people who work regularly at the computer are exposed to this disease. Also, people who perform frequent bending and stretching movements.

With carpal tunnel syndrome, the numbness goes from fingers to elbow and sometimes reaches the shoulder. But in no way, not in reverse order.

As a rule, the peak of numbness occurs at night and in the early morning.

If you talk on the phone regularly, hold it to your ear and you feel numbness in your fingers or the wrist area. This also indicates that you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is important to understand that not always, numbness in the fingers is the result of this syndrome. Damage to the cervical spine is also accompanied by frequent numbness. It is also the result of taking various medications, particularly to reduce blood pressure.

Also numbness of hands, people suffering from diabetes, mainly of the second type.

But if the numbness is accompanied by a severe color change in the fingertips, it indicates Reynaud’s syndrome. Unlike carpal tunnel syndrome, it happens symmetrically, affecting both hands. According to scientists, it is a genetic disease that can wake up as a result of constant negative effects. For example, frequent hypothermia, smoking, thyroid problems, stress and arthritis.

How to prevent.

Prevention of Reynaud’s syndrome is, first of all, getting rid of bad habits, proper nutrition in case of thyroid problems. In no case do not allow hypothermia, wear gloves in the cold season, and best of all mittens. Avoid stressful situations.

In carpal tunnel syndrome, it is worth paying attention to reducing negative loads in the wrist area. When it comes to working with a computer, you should choose the right height of the chair and buy an orthopaedic mouse, and the load on the wrist will be minimal. Do not allow your elbow to sag.

When working with a monotonous brush, stretch out your arms more often. Perform clockwise and counterclockwise circular movements of hands and arms.

Remember, self-treatment is bad for your health. You should see a doctor first.