Hey, folks. Today you will learn why tea can be dangerous to our health. Who is contraindicated and at what temperature, should drink it?

Hot tea.

Regular consumption of hot tea threatens to develop esophageal cancer. The thing is, when we drink tea that’s over 70 degrees, we burn the esophagus. And permanent damage to the oesophagus cells increases the risk of cancer.

The optimal and safe temperature at which to drink tea is 50 degrees.

Black tea.

Black tea contains purines. Thus becoming dangerous, for people with chronic joint diseases and urolithiasis. For example, in the case of gout, these substances enter the joint forming a strong inflammation. And by penetrating the kidneys, it stimulates the development of stones.

Green tea.

For people suffering from anaemia and vegetarians, green tea is contraindicated. After all, what they have in common is primarily iron deficiency in the body. And green tea has the properties of deterrence and prevents the body from absorbing it.

If, for example, people with anaemia suffer from iron deficiency due to illness. Vegetarians, because of not eating meat, get into the body only non-gem iron (vegetable), which is poorly absorbed by the body. And if you constantly eat green tea, the iron is not absorbed in all.

Hard tea.

Strongly brewed tea, especially packed tea, contains large amounts of fluoride. And its excess in the body threatens not only the destruction of teeth but also leads to thyroid problems and lesions of cartilage in the joints.

Do not brew long industrial tea bags.


And finally, let me remind you that a lot of tea is grown on contaminated soil. The result is that its leaves contain heavy metals. Like lead, aluminium and arsenic.