Hey, folks. Today, we have prepared for you a list of store products that are harmful to our brain. Causes senile dementia and increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.


Popcorn, which can be cooked in a microwave oven in a few minutes, is extremely popular and cheap. The abundance of tastes and ease of cooking is the key to success for this semi-finished product. But, what’s wrong with it?

The fatness and smell of butter, such popcorn gets thanks to a substance called diacetyl. This liquid is yellowish, promotes senile dementia and harms on our lungs.

Diacetyl is also found in mayonnaise, margarine and even in liquid e-cigarette mixes…


Many favorite smoked sausages and such an indispensable product as sausages, contain nitrosamines. These organic compounds destroy the protective coating of the brain, and open the way for toxic effects of harmful substances. Just like diacetyl, they stimulate the development of senile dementia.

Often, almost all processed meat contains nitrosamines.


Purchased mayonnaise contains a huge amount of harmful cholesterol. Which, damaging the vascular wall, forms an atherosclerotic plaque. Subsequently, a clot is formed in this place. And as a result, the person has a heart attack or stroke.

Remember, in industrial mayonnaise, there’s nothing useful. As opposed to home mayonnaise.