We decided to go deeper into the harm and contraindications of garlic. On how to identify garlic that has been treated with harmful substances. And whether it’s capable of harming the brain and slowing down the response.


Purchased industrial garlic, is not a bad botulism bacillus agent. It’s a dangerous disease that affects the nervous system through food. It paralyzes our breathing, which is fatal.

Symptoms of botulism:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Head and stomach pain.
  • Dry mouth and voice change.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Pale skin.

Poison garlic.

In our market, there is a huge amount of garlic brought from China. In most cases, it is subject to strong chemical treatments. Which shows that it is stored for a long time without rotting. Chlorine-treated garlic causes enormous harm to our body.

Chinese garlic is easy to recognize. It has a perfect white colour, cut out the root, and is also light in weight and hard in structure.


First of all, regular garlic consumption is contraindicated for people with intestinal diseases. Such as gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer. It causes severe mucous membrane irritation and increases acidity.

With chronic gastritis, it’s dangerous to eat food full of garlic. It increases the risk of ulcers.

For people struggling with being overweight, garlic consumption should be kept to a minimum, as it is a strong appetite agent.

For nursing mothers, garlic is also contraindicated. Because it can cause the baby’s abdomen to bloat and diarrhoea.

Brain damage?

According to the statements of Robert Beck, a professor in the United States. The garlic contains sulfanyl-hydroxyl ion, which in turn penetrates the blood and poisons our brains. As evidenced by numerous mammal trials.

Beck also claimed that with garlic, the human reaction is reduced by almost three times.