Hey, folks. Today, we’re gonna talk about weight loss. About why we shouldn’t starve and where it leads. What to avoid and what to stick to, in the fight against overweight.

Hunger is the enemy.

Our body is organized in such a way that any starvation, it perceives as a threat to life. When you don’t eat for a long time, it starts to stockpile fat, slowing down its metabolism. The main thing to remember is that the breaks between meals should not exceed 5-6 hours. Unless, of course, you’re awake.

For example, you have been on a diet for a couple of weeks and have successfully lost a few kilos. But as soon as you start to eat more intensely, you finish your diet. Your body takes as much of the food as it can get. The food starts to be digested almost completely, and your weight is growing rapidly.

Do not forget to listen to your body, if after 5 hours, you do not feel hunger, do not shove food into yourself by force.

Fresh air.

Walking in the fresh air not only helps to burn the excess weight, especially if it is regular. But also by saturating your body with oxygen, you accelerate your metabolism by stimulating the active digestion of food by breaking down fats and carbohydrates.


Make it a rule to drink a glass of water before eating. First, it may at least not overeat, and second, it will speed up your metabolism. If you don’t drink enough, your body will get enough liquid from your food, this increases your sense of hunger and provokes you to consume extra calories.

Spices and salt.

We often hear and read that many spices burn fat. But, for some reason, no one is talking about the back of the medal. The fact that almost all spices exacerbate hunger and madly increase appetite. Especially when it comes to garlic and salt. For the same reason, it is worth giving up canned olives, before canning they are subjected to long-term soaking in an abundantly salty solution.

Physical activity.

In a sedentary way of life, any attempts to lose weight will turn for you, first of all by burning muscle mass, and then it will be the turn of fat.

Moreover, physical activity is necessary if you do not need sagging skin when you lose excess weight.


Love yourself, don’t stress about your extra pounds. If you decide to change your life, eat right and play sports. Gradually, walking to the meeting of your dreams. You are already a very brave and strong man, and a positive mood, only accelerates this process.