Hello, friends. Unfortunately, many of us, especially those who live in the city. Every day, they expose their lungs and bronchi to harmful substances. As a result, the risk of asthma or chronic bronchitis increases.

Poor ecology has a negative impact on our body, and first of all, it clogs our airways. Frequent coughing, blowjob, shortness of breath. Especially in the morning. Evidence that lung and bronchial cleansing is an important necessity. Besides, if you also smoke.

Lung and bronchial cleaners.

Althea syrup.

The root of the altar, which is usually sold in pharmacies in the form of syrup. Very good and natural remedy for cleaning the lungs and bronchi. Well relieves inflammation, actively fights coughing and stimulates sputum withdrawal.
Perfectly envelops the mucous membrane and helps accelerate tissue regeneration. Usually, the course of his admission is up to two weeks.


A special inhalation device called a nebulizer. Directs his work, to spraying drugs directly through the respiratory tract of man. Frequently prescribed procedure for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.
Nebulizer, has a small transparent container for filling, where you fill your prescribed drug, and sometimes hydrocarbonate mineral water (without gases). Switch on the device and inhale its vapors through a special inhalation mask or nozzle.

The procedure is performed once a day, for a maximum of 10 minutes. Depending on spraying speed.

Usually, 2 masks, adult and children’s, are supplied with the device. Also, a number of different nozzles. Including for nose-to-nose inhalation.
High efficiency of nebulizer in lung and bronchial cleaning, scientifically proven. It is worth noting that the result of its use, first of all, will be felt by smokers. The active outflow of sputum will begin.

We’ve tested this device on ourselves, and we recommend it to you.

Respiratory gymnastics.

There are also special breathing exercises to clean the lungs and bronchi. As a rule, such as gymnastics, divides your breath into three types. Upper, middle and lower. And teaches you how to apply each of them. But unfortunately, we have not found reliable information about the effectiveness of such exercises. And I’d love to hear what our readers have to say.

We remind you that self-medication can harm your body. In case of health problems, a visit to the doctor is necessary.