Hey, folks. Most of us are under high pressure. We decided to figure out how to fight hypertension without medication at home. And the reasons for it.

The main causes of hypertension.

  • Nightlife.
  • Sitting work.
  • Consumption of food with high salt content.
  • Bad food.
  • Lack of vitamins and trace elements.
  • Stress.
  • Side effects of medications

Medication-free treatment.


First of all, for the normalization of blood pressure, a simple walk in the fresh air will help. Especially if it is a regular procedure, at least 1 hour per day. It’s good for people whose blood pressure is not higher than 160.


Try to watch your breathing more often. Especially under stress. As a rule, when people are nervous or in a conflict situation, their breathing does not become uniform with long delays. As a result, we get an instantaneous jump in pressure.

Ears massage.

At the moment of a pressure surge, try rubbing the ears, and then massage the urine for three minutes. Unfortunately, this option does not help everyone.


If your health allows you, swimming and yoga are a great help in the fight against hypertension. And also, regular and moderate physical activity.

A warm bath.

Dial a warm bath by dissolving half a glass of salt in water. And immerse yourself in it for 20 minutes. After this procedure, it is recommended that you at least get some sleep. Your body will relax and your blood pressure will normalize.


Regular sunbathing, including a solarium, good prevention of hypertension. People who rarely go to the sun and also live in countries where sunny days are rare. They suffer from high-pressure several times more often.

The right food.

Oddly enough, proper nutrition is the key to normal pressure. Eliminate or reduce the use of fried, salted and smoked foods. Plenty of fruits and vegetables and dairy products.

Sensory-deprivation camera.

For a lot of people, this is going to be new. But being in a cell-like this, it’s great for hypertension. It’s a kind of huge, closed tank with no light or sound coming in. There’s complete physical isolation. It’s not suitable for people with a fear of enclosed spaces and a weak mind.

Remember, self-treatment is bad for your health. You should see a doctor first.