Hey, folks. If you’ve had insomnia for once in your life, then you know very well how tiring and awful it is for our body. And today, we decided to learn how to fight insomnia without medication.

Almost all drugs for insomnia, cause rapid addiction, and their regular use, can shake your health. Not to mention the strong side effects.

Therefore, in the fight against insomnia, it is much better to use natural remedies proven by time.

The herbs from insomnia.

  1. Hop cones are an excellent natural sedative. It relaxes the body perfectly. Possesses antibacterial and analgesic properties. Often used as an antimicrobial agent. And also, increases appetite and improves digestion.

    Please note that hop cones also have a diuretic effect.

  2. Hawthorn – reduces cardiac excitability. Relieves the general nervous tension. Not bad help, with strong mental and physical stress. It is used in the fight against migraine and insomnia
  3. Melissa is a natural antispasmodic agent and an excellent sedative. It slows down breathing and heart rate. Acts on the body as a mild sedative.
    It has a diuretic and choleretic effect.
  4. Motherwort – slows down the heart rate, but increases the strength of the heart rate. It treats neuroses and relieves nervous tension perfectly. Typically used for mild forms of sleep disturbance.
  5. Valeriana is probably one of the most popular means for relieving nervous tension. It’s a sedative and is an excellent antidepressant.

    A warm bath with valerian perfectly restores and relaxes the body. It is especially effective before going to bed.

But, it is important to remember that all these herbs have side effects, and have a number of contraindications. Ask a specialist for help before using them.

Factors that stimulate insomnia.

  • Excessive consumption of coffee and strong tea. Especially before bedtime.
  • Energy drinks as well as juices and water with high sugar content.
  • Not a constant sleep schedule. You have to go to bed at the same time.
  • Stress and lack of rest. For your body, it is crucial to relieve nervous tension.
  • Watching TV, using a computer or smartphone, before going to bed.
  • Overeating.
  • Ultra warm bedroom temperature. Cool, much easier to sleep.

Remember how you often turn your pillow upside down in summer with the cool side up.