Hey, folks. The so-called heel spurs are a fairly common disease, which is manifested by severe pain in the heel area. Especially when you’re walking.
Having studied the opinions of experts in this field, we have concluded. And ready to share them with you.

Why it hurts so much.

We immediately want to dispel a common myth that heel pain is a consequence of the formation of some spikes. Which are visible in the X-rays.

That’s not true at all. The fact is that severe pain and wild discomfort is the result of inflammation and chronic disruption of the sole ligament. During walking, this ligament receives micronutrients and begins the process of severe inflammation. But as a result of these long-term inflammations, there is already a salt build-up under the heel. Which is what makes the spikes look like.
Simply put, the foot hurts from a torn ligament, not from a thorn.
By the way, this very ligament, during sleep and rest, begins to recover.

Reasons for heel spurs.

  • Heavy load on your legs.
  • Arthritis. In arthritis, a sense of pain, occurs even at rest. In that case, the first thing to fight is arthritis. A competent rheumatologist.
  • Excessively flat shoe sole. No natural curves.
  • Flatfoot.
  • Foot injury.

Ways to get rid of it.

  • First of all, mandatory leg load reduction. Less walking, more resting.
  • Secondly, the right orthopaedic footwear insole. Usually with a slight rise in the foot bend area.
  • Third, electric foot stimulation procedure.
  • Fourth, shockwave therapy that can repair an inflamed ligament.

Massage at home.

A good and effective way is a simple foot massage, not an individual heel massage, as many are used to doing. It’s convenient to do this massage with a small hard ball. Gently getting up on the ball, you have to roll it slowly, from fingers to heels. However, strong foot pressure on the ball is not acceptable. Massage, you need both legs, not just the one that hurts.
It’s just one of the options. There are a lot of them, but almost all are aimed at direct massaging.
The important thing is, don’t knock on your foot. And don’t massage too much. Otherwise, you risk making things worse.

X-ray therapy, kills the nerve.

There is a perception that a great way to overcome this disease is to use X-ray therapy. But we’re in a hurry to upset you. This procedure only kills the nerve endings, silencing the pain. And ligament damage and inflammation, it’s not going anywhere.

Anti-inflammatory ointments.

As a rule, such ointments are not able to directly affect the inflammation centre. And the effect is usually very low.
According to experts, it is much more efficient to make a compress based on bischofite.

Remember, self-treatment can be harmful to your body. Make sure you see a doctor.