Hey, folks. Today, we decided to bring up bladder inflammation. Urinary pain, frequent toilet calls. All of that, basic symptoms of cystitis. We decided to figure out how to cure cystitis at home without using medication.


It is a plant of the heather family and helps in the fight against cystitis, both infectious and caused by urinary stone disease.

Thanks to its rich content of vitamins, cranberries are an excellent immune system. It stimulates our body to fight against harmful bacteria accumulated in the urinary system. Cranberries can be consumed both in pure form and as a morsel and juice.

Cranberries play a major role in preventing urinary stone disease.


Maintaining water balance in the body, not only helps in the treatment of cystitis. But it is also a vital rule for normal work of the whole body. The average daily norm of water is 1.5 litres per adult.

Leaves of cowberries.

Lingonberry leaf has excellent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. It fights swelling due to its strong diuretic effect.

Contains a huge amount of useful substances and minerals. It is a natural antiseptic. Has the antipyretic property.

Usually used as a tincture.


Chamomile flowers are also our faithful friends in the fight against cystitis. It is an excellent analogue of cranberries and lingonberry leaf, for people with high acidity of gastric juice.

Chamomile has excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Destroys microorganisms.

Remember, when treating cystitis, you should only choose one of the above products, not mix them all.

And also, keep in mind. Herb treatment has a large list of contraindications. Be sure to consult a doctor.

Prohibited foods in the treatment of cystitis.

  • Alcohol.
  • Sugar and sweets.
  • Products with high salt content.
  • Smoked food.
  • Substitutes.