There is a term such as insulin food index. This is a value that indicates the amount of insulin released into the bloodstream when eating a particular product.
Simply put, food with a high index makes our pancreas actively produce insulin. As a result, its abundance contributes to the rapid deposition of fat and disrupts carbohydrate metabolism in the body.

So you have to understand the more and more insulin is thrown away. The harder it’ll make us lose weight.

Cottage cheese and insulin index.

So here is a useful and light cottage cheese, which many people in the process of losing weight used to eat before bedtime. Has a high insulin index. And not only does it significantly increase the amount of insulin released, forcing our bodies to store fat. It also blocks the work of the somatotropic hormone, which is responsible for the nightly process of burning fat in the body. And if you also fill up a portion of cottage cheese with sweet fruit, the multiple increases in insulin release will not make you wait long.

As a matter of principle, even individual consumption of sweet fruits before bedtime is not recommended by many nutritionists. Their carbohydrate energy is not burned during sleep and is converted into fat. In addition to the provocative effect on the pancreas, most fruits strongly stimulates the appetite.

Ideally, they should be replaced with vegetables or the rich protein before going to bed.

Interesting fact.

Berries are one of the most popular cheese dressings. Especially dark berries. Blueberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc. They are very useful for our body and have excellent antioxidant properties. But the problem is that the cottage cheese contains a protein called casein, which greatly slows down the absorption of antioxidants. By negating their beneficial effects.