As we know, the keto diets involve the consumption of low-carbohydrate foods with high-fat content and average protein levels. And it is often the case that many people are faced with high cholesterol on the keto diet. As a result, a person panics and runs to the doctor or immediately stops eating such a diet. So let’s find out if it’s so bad for our body.

High-density low and high-density lipoproteins (LDL, HDL).

In medicine, there is such a concept as hypercholesterolemia (a lot of cholesterol). In most cases, this process can be observed in professional athletes. This is the result of very low levels of fat in the body and a large amount of muscle mass.

According to the results of their analyses, they have the following picture: very high total cholesterol and at the same time LDL (low-density lipoproteins) and HDL (low and high-density lipoproteins) above the norm. From 200 and from 80 units. Low triglycerides (fat molecules), less than 70.

LDL > 200 HDL > 80

As strange as it sounds, according to the totality of such tests can be assumed that the person has huge obesity of internal organs and very bad blood vessels. Roughly speaking, there’s an urgent need for medical attention. But don’t jump to conclusions.

With a deep examination of the vessels, we will be able to see the exact opposite picture. The heart and blood vessels are in perfect order and the person is absolutely healthy.


In 2015, the results of a study on the phenomenon of residual cholesterol were published. Let’s not go into deep details on how it is calculated. We just want to focus your attention on the fact that an increase in residual cholesterol is associated with increased mortality.

The higher the residual cholesterol level, the higher the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

And the so-called bad cholesterol, LDL and HDL have absolutely no effect on increasing the risk of death from heart disease.

Table of analysis results.

And at the end of this article, we would like to show you a table with the results of three people’s tests.

  1. A man with a regular diet.
  2. A man who uses a keto diet.
  3. Professional athlete.
Analysis Normal meals Keto diet Athlete
Cholesterol 177 284 457
LDL 121 201 335
HDL 40 71 109
Triglycerides 80 58 67
Residual cholesterol 16 12 13