Hey, folks. We’ll tell you about the four main reasons why most people can’t lose weight. And it’s not about food and nutrition. And also why diets and starvation don’t work.

  1. Sleep
  2. Hunger
  3. Less muscle, more fat
  4. Water

1. Sleep.

It has been scientifically proven that full and healthy sleep contributes to the production of growth hormone. And he, in turn, has excellent properties for burning fat in the body.
We think many of you have heard more than once that sleep deprivation leads to obesity. And it really is. When you don’t fall asleep regularly, fat burning slows down. As a result, its excess is deposited in the most visible places of your body.

2. Hunger.

We’ve written more than once about the dangers of diets that are designed to starve. And we’ll do it again. When the body feels hunger, especially if it is regular. He reacts by going into defenсe. And in spite of starvation, it starts to hold and accumulate fat.

Even if you starve yourself and lose weight by a few pounds. Then, returning to a normal diet, dial it back, or even more quickly.

When a person goes hungry, he loses muscle tissue in the first place and the last fat.

3. Less muscle, more fat.

As much as many people would like, sport is an integral part of healthy weight loss. That’s right, healthy. The more your muscles work, the more fat is burned. Your body, very clever. The moment you limit your diet without exercising. He starts burning muscles and leaving fat. Guided by what is more important to his normal work.

If you don’t move much, why do you need muscles? The body will leave you fat, that’s enough to sustain life.

Look it up on the Internet, which means: Fat skinny. And you will clearly understand that.

4. Water.

Drink more water. Naturally, observing the daily norm, which is about 1.5 litres per day. In doing so, you will accelerate your metabolism and improve your metabolism.

If there is a lack of water, your body produces the same supplies as described above. Only instead of fat, he keeps the water.